Accessory Apartments

What is an accessory apartment?

An accessory apartment is a secondary residence on a single-family lot located within, attached to, or in the back or side yard of the primary residence.

How do they help with affordable housing?

Accessory apartments are a great opportunity to create a different kind of rental housing option for young professionals, single parents, and older adults. Accessory apartments will ordinarily rent at a price within the means of lower-income persons. They also provide rental income for the primary homeowner.

What is the Town doing to further this strategy?

Currently, the Town of Blacksburg allows for attached accessory apartments (within the primary structure) but does not allow detached apartments.

The challenge is how to expand the development and use of accessory apartments to support the housing needs of our workforce while limiting their use by students or short-term renters. The Town is currently considering requirements related to owner occupancy of the primary unit, size, design, and rental length, among others. The Town plans to amend the existing Accessory Apartment ordinance later this year.

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