Jenn Million: Walking and Biking from Home is a Top Priority

Jenn Million and her family love being active. They spend their quality time together outdoors - kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, and hiking.

Jenn loves living in Blacksburg, where she works at Virginia Tech and feels connected to the community of students she serves and works alongside. Being able to live in town was a top priority for her and her family, who place a high value on reducing their dependence on cars for transportation. Jenn is passionate about cycling and she devotes a significant portion of her time and energy to advocating for bike and pedestrian safety here in Blacksburg. For Jenn, this issue is near to her heart as her main form of transportation is her bike. She says, “I will always advocate for better infrastructure and laws that allow more people to move about by bike or foot.”

Finding housing near campus wasn’t easy though. The housing market in Blacksburg made it nearly impossible for Jenn’s family to find a home within Town limits, even with two full time incomes. Jenn shared that they would not be living in Blacksburg if it weren’t for a program offered by Community Housing Partners (CHP).

Jenn shared, “I feel very fortunate to be able to live in Blacksburg. The quality of life that my family experiences wouldn't be the same if we were unable to live where we work, and that opportunity was made available through an affordable housing program. I think there is often a misconception about who utilizes affordable housing options. It is people like me, who love and serve our community.”

Jenn loves the small town feel of Blacksburg with the amenities of a larger city. She highlighted that the university provides access to culture, arts, sports, and experiences that are not often available in small towns. Because of CHP, Jenn knows that her kids are safe when they ride their bikes to the library or walk to the park. She loves being able to walk to restaurants with her family or ride her bike to the grocery store, and she wants more people to be able to have these same opportunities and to truly be part of the Blacksburg community.

Jenn Million is currently the President of the New River Valley Bicycle Association. She also serves on the Town of Blacksburg's Corridor Committee, as well as the board of the Virginia Bicycling Federation.

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