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    Can we make sure that the available affordable housing serves those working in Blacksburg?

    MS asked over 1 year ago

    Housing discrimination is illegal in nearly all housing, including private housing, public housing, and housing that receives federal funding. It is illegal to refuse to rent or sell housing based on a person’s location of employment. However, the Town does include local preference criteria as part of its affordable housing program. The Town also plans to work more closely with employers to market new affordable housing opportunities to those segments of our workforce experiencing the greatest need for affordable housing. To date, 100% of residents served through the Town’s affordable homeownership program work in Blacksburg.

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    I am seeing all of this building in town. However, I am not seeing anything being done to support the housing. Our roads are clogged and horrible to pass through many times during the day. We are not increasing services within our town...grocery stores, drug stores, doctors/walk-in medical services, childcare, etc. How are these being addressed?

    JJ asked over 1 year ago

    Blacksburg is experiencing increased traffic due to population growth and growth in those commuting to Blacksburg from other locations for work. Providing more affordable housing can help slow the pace of commuter traffic, as well as allow for greater investments in and use of public transit. Demand and private investment largely drive the services that are available in town (medical, grocery, drug stores, etc.). As part of the American Recovery Plan Act, the Town will be making investments to help stabilize childcare centers in the Town. In recent years, childcare centers have increased capacity through the development of additional childcare centers and the expansion of numbers that can be served at existing centers. Their primary challenge is attracting and retaining the workforce to staff these centers; centers are currently operating as a result at reduced capacity. The Town will also be working with the Blacksburg Partnership and the local business community over the next three years to develop a post-Covid retail strategy and undertake retail recruitment.